Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chicken rice restaurant used as brothel

POLICE arrested 12 foreign women for prostitution in two separate raids at Bukit Bintang yesterday.

In the first raid at 12am, police raided a chicken rice restaurant at Jalan Inai and arrested five Vietnamese women aged between 23 and 27.

Kuala Lumpur Anti-Vice, Gambling and Prostitution Division (D7) head DSP Azman Mohd Isa said police had received a tip-off that the restaurant had been operating a brothel inside its premises.

“From our investigation, we found that during the day the operator will operate the outlet as a chicken rice restaurant but would later turn it into a brothel at night,” said Azman.

The brothel is believed have been active for over a year and police have not ruled out the possibility it had been servicing clients outside the premises.

“We believe the prostitutes use their ‘agents’ or pimps to be delivered to their respective customers once there is a suitable offer by a client outside the restaurant," he said.

In a separate raid, seven women from China and Bangladeshi national aged between 26 and 40 were picked up for prostitution activities at a hotel at Bukit Bintang.

“When we raided the place, we found the women trying to escape through a secret pathway located inside a room at the back of the centre of the hotel,” said Azman.

Meanwhile, police also rounded up 20 suspects at a private health centre at Bukit Tinggi, Klang, yesterday.
Selangor anti-vice, gambling and prostitution division (D7) head DSP Izwan Abd Karim said the premises was monitored by CCTVs while the front entrance was of steel grill.

“When police raided the premises, we found 10 masseuses, including two male masseurs, busy massaging their customers,” said Izwan.

At the same time, there were 10 customers who were waiting their turn.

“The masseuses will dress up in sexy outfits and their rate was only RM100,” said Izwan.

Checks on their travel documents showed that most of them had violated their social visit pass.

All of them have been sent to South Klang police headquarters for documentation purposes before being handed over to the Immigration Department.

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