Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Suspect admitted to the killing, says crime watcher

A community crime watcher said the man who last saw 15-year-old Ng Yuk Tim alive had confessed to killing her.

The 23-year-old suspect, who initially claimed that he had dropped the girl off at the Kelana Jaya LRT station at 2pm on Monday, had admitted that he lied, said Selangor Community Policing founder Kuan Chee Hong (pic).

He repeatedly questioned the man on what happened to the girl before he got the confession, Kuan told reporters after handing the suspect to the Petaling Jaya police.

Kuan added that the suspect confessed to trying to rape Ng in his house and had hit her with a dumbbell when she resisted.

Kuan said he met Yuk Tim’s mother at a restaurant in Kelana Jaya after she asked him to help her find her daughter.

“When I arrived, the suspect was also there with her.

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“I noticed he had bite marks on his left hand, so I asked him if he had anything to do with Yuk Tim being missing as he was the last person to have seen her,” he said.

He said the suspect at first denied that he had harmed the girl or that he was responsible for her disappearance.

However, after persistent questioning, the suspect admitted to killing the girl, Kuan added.

“He told us that Yuk Tim had fought back and bit him which made him angry and he hit her head with the dumbbell, killing her.

“He also told us that he stuffed her body into a bag, carried it into a car and drove to a place near Kota Kemuning where he dumped it,” he said.

It is believed that the suspect and Yuk Tim, who shared the hobby of cosplaying, had met on Facebook about five years ago.

They had met a few times while participating in cosplay events.

However, it is understood that the meeting on Monday was only the second time that the two of them had met alone.

15 years old Girl victim found in suitcase.

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