Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cosplay killing: Is this the murder weapon?

A photo of a pair of dumbbells posted on the Facebook page of the 23-year-old suspect who allegedly killed teenage girl Ng Yuk Tim could possibly be the weapon used in the act.

The photo of a pair of dumbbells was posted on the suspect's Facebook page on Mar 31, which he described as an impulse buy.

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In the post, which was written in Chinese, the suspect said he "went shopping after paying respects to my ancestors, and came across a shop selling fitness equipment.

"I decided to buy these (the dumbells). (Maybe) after saving more money, I will buy more (weights) to make it heavier," he said in his post.

The suspect, on Tuesday, had confessed to Selangor Community Policing founder Kuan Chee Hong that he had attempted to rape the 15-year-old Ng in his house and had hit her in the head with a dumbbell after she resisted, killing her on the spot.

He then proceeded to stuff her body in a suitcase and dumped it at the side of a road in Shah Alam.

Kuan handed in the suspect to the police after the confession.

The suspect later led the police to the place where he had dumped the body.

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