Saturday, April 28, 2012

Protesters disperse but police remain at Dataran

The protesters have gone home but a strong police presence remains at Dataran Merdeka where protesters had earlier breached a barbed wire cordon, triggering a response from the police that included water cannons and tear gas.

Police said their response was prompted by the violent act of protesters, and by 8pm, 388 protesters had been arrested.

Although the rally and the sit-in to demand free and fair elections was to have been held between 2pm to 4pm, people began gathering in the morning and dispersed well after nightfall.


8.30pm: Police say that by 8pm, 388 people had been arrested.

7.20pm: Police say that by 7pm, 222 people had been arrested over rally at Dataran Merdeka

7.15pm: Masjid Jamek crowd finally disperse for good after police arrest several protesters. Traffic on Jln Tun Perak resumes

7.10pm: RapidKL says that all LRT stations in Kuala Lumpur are now open

6.55pm: Two rounds of tear gas fired at defiant Masjid Jamek crowd. Protesters run to take cover

6.45pm: An unidentified person threw a rock and smashed the window of a four-wheel vehicle with Special Action Force in it, near Jalan Parlimen roundabout
6.43pm: RapidKL: Masjid Jamek LRT station has been closed again
6.25pm: Riot police and water cannon trucks that had left Masjid Jamek earlier return to disperse defiant crowd there.

6.20pm: Protesters at Masjid Jamek hurl things at passing police cars. Some car windows broken.

6.15pm: Jalan TAR, where a group of protestors had a stand off with police, now open to traffic. Crowds move to sidewalks but are not dispersing. Cops go to Dataran Merdeka area

6.10pm: Opposition leaders tweet to urge protesters to disperse.

5.42pm: Ambiga said Bersih did not support the act of certain individuals who broke the barrier at Dataran Merdeka. She urged the police to investigate the incident that caused police to fire tear gas into crowd.

5.40pm: Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein tweeted that two policemen had been injured and admitted into hospital. The snatched police pistol has been recovered. So far, 23 received outpatient treatment, including 20 policemen and three protesters, he said on his Twitter posting.

5.35pm: RapidKL: Sulatan Ismail LRT station reopened. Bandaraya, Masjid Jamek and Plaza Rakyat stations remain closed.

5.30pm: Policemen on foot near Dataran Merdeka move towards protesters who defied orders to disperse

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