Thursday, March 21, 2013

Explosion at UMT chancellory building caused roof to collapse

An explosion at the Universiti Malaysia Terengganu chancellory building at 11.30am caused security personnel to evacuate staff.

It is believed the explosion of an aircond unit on the third floor, at the vice chancellor's office, had caused part of the roof to collapse, said a security staff.

Three fire trucks from the state fire station arrived about 20 minutes later and deployed 16 personnel into the building.

At about 12.50pm, as an officer was about to make a statement to a group of waiting reporters at the building's frontyard, a series of small explosions broke, producing a thickening black smoke billowing from the building top.

Explosion at UMT chancellory building causes roof to collapse

The fire and rescue team scuffled in and also widened the closed perimeter, forcing the gathered crowd further.

Official statement until press time is yet to be made but the police and ambulance standing by confirmed that so far no one is injured.

At 1.20pm, a loud shuddering sound like of collapsing structure was heard, causing firemen at ground floor to disperse.

The loud sound was the pyramid-shaped structure atop the UMT's chancellery building collapsing, said a fireman.

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