Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dong Zong wants only Chinese-speaking teachers at vernacular schools

THE Education Ministry should remove all newly-assigned non Chinese-speaking teachers and those who did not have Chinese language qualification, including Malay and English teachers, from Chinese vernacular schools, the Chinese dailies reported.

The demand was among four resolutions that were passed by Dong Zong (the United Chinese School Committees Association of Malaysia) during a rally to protest against the shortage of teachers in Chinese vernacular schools.

Dong Zong also wants teachers with the right qualifications, who had earlier been transferred out, to return to these schools.

The other resolutions included asking for a review of the Education Act, to ensure the policies of plurality in the country's education policy, to ensure a fair treatment for schools from various mediums of instructions and to safeguard their existence and development.

They urged the ministry to conduct training courses for teachers with Chinese language qualification who taught Malay and English at Chinese primary schools for at least three years.

It also asked for a system to train qualified teachers with a minimum qualification in SPM Chinese Language for Chinese primary schools.

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